Monday, September 12, 2005

EASY LISTENING: Negotiating Tip of the Week features negotiation tactics and techniques in a weekly podcast

Audioblog features podcasts offering weekly negotiation tips.A terrific online teaching tool is available at Negotiating Tip of the Week, an audioblog featuring weekly podcasts on negotiation strategies and issues in negotiation including fairness, differences in negotiating styles, and the art of question-asking.

Negotiating Tip is the creation of Josh Weiss, Associate Director of the Harvard Program on Negotiation’s Global Negotiation Project. Dr. Weiss possesses an engaging, conversational style which makes these podcasts immediately appealing. His reflections on negotiation tactics and challenges provide instructive insights for students of negotiation, and there is plenty to inspire educators and trainers as well. The August 29 and the September 2 podcasts offer an interactive element, encouraging listeners to submit their ideas by either email to Dr. Weiss or by comment on the Negotiating Tip site.

(Bonus: you can download these podcasts to your iPod to enjoy on your morning jog or evening commute. And you can subscribe to Negotiating Tip or add it to your blogroll, as I've done with mine.)

Incidentally, drop by the PON web site for web casts available for downloading, including a promising-sounding one on "Emerging Careers in Conflict Resolution", with David Matz, founder and director of the Graduate Programs in Dispute Resolution at UMass Boston, moderating a panel discussion on careers in ADR.

Thanks to my friend Colin Rule, who posted about Negotiating Tip of the Week at the weblog on September 2.

Be sure to tune in.