Wednesday, September 07, 2005

PEACEFUL PLAYGROUNDS: Organization assists schools and communities in promoting educational games of nonviolence

Peaceful Playgrounds promotes the use of educational cooperative games for children. Photo by Adam Sablich. Anyone who still bears psychic scars from childhood games of dodgeball (a game--with distinct Hobbesian overtones in which only the fittest survive--once popular on playgrounds throughout the U.S.) will rejoice to learn that many schools are working actively to introduce children to nonviolent games of cooperation, as articles here and here indicate.

Support and inspiration for these kinds of efforts often comes from organizations like Peaceful Playgrounds, whose goals include reducing injuries (over 200,000 children injured annually on playgrounds here in the U.S.), decreasing violence and bullying, and encouraging educational and purposeful play. A conflict resolution component forms part of the overall Peaceful Playgrounds program.

For more information, you can visit the Peaceful Playgrounds web site. (Dodgeball fans, on the other hand, can visit the official web site for the International Dodge Ball Federation.)

Photograph by Adam Sablich, Haverhill, Mass.