Thursday, March 16, 2006

NEW WORLD VIEW ORDER: Web site promotes "culturosity" and intercultural awareness

Culturosity seeks to build our capacity for greater intercultural awarenessBusiness travelers, human resources professionals, mediators, and anyone else who actively seeks to develop their global awareness should visit Culturosity, a web site created to advance multicultural learning and support diversity. According to founder Kate Berardo, is committed to helping individuals find the resources, experiences, and opportunities that will open their minds and broaden their perspectives. We help people understand global realities and empower them to live and work effectively in a multicultural world.

Culturosity includes a learning center where visitors can download articles on cross-cultural communication, diversity, and cultural awareness (challenge yourself with the Diversity Test), learn about opportunities to travel or study abroad, build their capacity for greater cultural awareness, gain insights into diversity, or explore specific cultures in greater depth. Culturosity links to many useful web sites, including Executive Planet, where international road warriors can download to their Palm handhelds a guide to business culture and etiquette in 45 countries, Diversity Central which focuses upon workplace diversity, and the Alliance for Conflict Transformation, just to name a few.

Culturosity even offers downloadable Pop Culturosity Guides which uses pop culture as a means of transforming day-to-day activities "into intercultural learning opportunities". There's plenty here to help all of us connect more meaningfully with the world we inhabit.