Sunday, May 14, 2006

ADR Diversity Blog a welcome new voice in the alternative dispute resolution blogging community

ADR Diversity Blog adds a new voice to the online conversationWhen I began blogging in January 2005 (practically the equivalent of a century in cyberspace), only three other regularly published alternative dispute resolution blogs existed (Perry Itkin’s Florida Mediator, Bill Warter’s Campus ADR Tech Tools, and the blog).

Although the ADR field hasn’t experienced the boom of blogging that the legal profession has enjoyed, the population of ADR bloggers is slowly but steadily increasing, as my ongoing web-based project, the Directory of Alternative Dispute Resolution Blogs, will attest.

It's therefore always exciting when I get to announce the discovery of a new alternative dispute resolution blog. Regina Mullen, a Michigan-based attorney-mediator, has launched the ADR Diversity Blog, together with an ambitious online venture, ADR Diversity. Under construction at this time, the ADR Diversity site aims to bring together a multitude of voices and viewpoints across the spectrum of ADR practice.

Please join me in welcoming Regina to the ADR blogosphere and wishing her success in this project.

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