Thursday, August 24, 2006

Association for Conflict Resolution quarterly magazine ACResolution publishes its first article on blogging

The Association for Conflict Resolution pays heed to the blogging phenomenonMy eagerly awaited copy of the Summer 2006 edition of the Association for Conflict Resolution's quarterly magazine, ACResolution, arrived just the other day.

It was eagerly awaited primarily because it contains ACResolution's first-ever article on blogging, which, I am proud to say, I wrote.

This article, "Three Reasons ADR Professionals Should Be Blogging", while unfortunately not available online, can be glimpsed in an earlier draft, "Five reasons why ADR professionals should be blogging", published here on this blog last year.

The editor was kind enough to add a sidebar with a list of ADR blogs (Negotiating Tip of the Week, Florida Mediator, and Mediation Mensch among them) as well as resources for bloggers, together with a nice screenshot of the World Directory of ADR Blogs.

This could be a sign that the ADR world is finally starting to pay attention to blogging. Hey, a girl can hope.