Sunday, August 27, 2006

Meditations on mindfulness: new interview with Leonard Riskin available online at Complete Lawyer

Meditations on mindfulnessThe latest edition of the Complete Lawyer, an online magazine that examines "best practices in personal and professional development that impact every lawyer’s success and satisfaction", asks, "Are You a Healthy Lawyer?"

Among the excellent collection of essays that explore this question is an interview with ADR pioneer Leonard Riskin, "How Meditation, Yes Meditation, Can Improve Your Performance And Enhance Your Satisfaction With Work".

Mediators and negotiators will want to see an earlier edition of the Complete Lawyer, which focuses on "Resolving Conflict", and includes articles like "How to Master Crucial Conversations" and "The Human Side of Negotiation".

(My deepest appreciation to my friend Stephanie West Allen, author of the weblog Idealawg, for introducing me to the Complete Lawyer and for so kindly sharing with me Len Riskin's interview. )