Monday, September 11, 2006

Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution hosts Cyberweek 2006, an online conference drawing participants world-wide

Cyberweek 2006 begins September 25From September 25 through 29, the folks at the Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution (CITDR), in conjunction with the, are hosting Cyberweek 2006, an annual online conference.

CITDR has this to say about the events that are planned:

Cyberweek consists of many different kinds of activities and opportunities, from Skypecasts to meetings in virtual worlds to Podcasts to discussion forums and more. Cyberweek is a free all-online conference and we invite you join us in both asynchronous and real-time events. Last year, we had several hundred participants from over forty countries and we are working to have a most ambitious program this year.
A list of Cyberweek programs (still under development) can be viewed at the Cyberweek web site.

Not only is Cyberweek a free event, it's also an inclusive one: you don’t have to be a tech-savvy online dispute resolution practitioner to take part and have fun. Anyone with an interest in exploring the intriguing crossroads of conflict resolution and digital technology is welcome. Participants as I have happily discovered are friendly, encouraging, and glad to answer questions.

See you there!