Thursday, September 21, 2006

East coast, west coast: Two new blogs explore conflict resolution

Two new blogs join World Directory of ADR BlogsTwo new blogs have been catalogued, classified, and posted to the World Directory of ADR Blogs, my ongoing project tracking alternative dispute resolution weblogs around the globe.

These new additions, one from the East Coast, one from the West Coast, here in the U.S., are:

  • New York Center for Interpersonal Development's Blog Spot. This blog is published by the New York Center for interpersonal Development, which provides training and services for conflict management, youth and community development, effective communication and intercultural awareness. Its motto? "Strengthening Communities, Improving Relationships". This blog actively solicits reader participation--see for example "Does the Internet Encourage Dialogue?" and "The Riddler", two posts that caught my attention.

  • San Francisco Mediation. Written by San Francisco, California, mediator and attorney Paula M. Lawhon, this mediation blog offers visitors information and discussion on mediation as an alternative dispute resolution process, including the benefits of mediation, advice for those thinking of mediating a case, and the expanding role of mediation in civil and family law matters.
A warm welcome to both these blogs.

(As always, if you wish to add your blog or someone else's to the World Directory of ADR Blogs, please let me know. It's a commercial-free site, and there is no cost to be listed. The Directory has information on submitting your blog and submission guidelines. I’m especially interested in hearing about blogs outside the U.S. On my wish list? An ADR blog from Australia—there must be one out there somewhere, given mediation’s high level of visibility in that corner of the globe.)

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