Friday, September 22, 2006

Payment overdue: Valuing the mediation profession

Valuing the mediation professionBack in July I published a post entitled "Don't sell yourself short: why fair compensation should matter to mediators", a polemic on the tendency within the mediation profession to devalue the work that all of us do.

This post touched a powerfully responsive chord among my readers. Two months later, I'm still hearing from you about it. I have received numerous electronic shouts of "Amen" from ADR professionals who thanked me for speaking out on this issue and who wished to add their voice to the growing chorus of mediators insisting upon fair compensation for their services.

There's more to it, however, than getting paid for the work we do. It's also about demanding--and receiving--the recognition that every profession deserves. We are, absolutely, professionals. And let’s not let the rest of the world--or ourselves--forget that.

Pursuing that theme, incidentally, were two mediators who took the time to post smart, insightful comments, which I direct your attention to now (several weeks after they were first created, alas, no thanks to the hand surgery I underwent, but definitely worth the wait). Read these comments, and see if you don't find yourself shouting out "Amen" as well.