Monday, October 23, 2006

Blawg Review #80 now available online

The 80th edition of Blawg ReviewBlawg Review, the weekly review of the best in law blogging, is now available. Blawg Review, which highlights noteworthy posts from top law bloggers around the world, is a recommended stop in cyberspace for not just attorneys but mediators as well. (For reasons why, please read, "So you're too busy to ready blogs? Why attorneys and mediators should read Blawg Review". FYI, ADR professionals and mediation-friendly attorneys frequently serve as hosts. I'll be hosting myself on February 5, 2007.)

However, the hard-working editor of Blawg Review has run into some unfortunate difficulties with its blog publishing platform, Blogger. Until Blogger's problems are sorted out, Blawg Review #80 has been published at the main URL, which has been re-directed to a backup site that had to be created as a workaround.

(In the meantime, this should serve as a cautionary tale for anyone thinking about launching a blog with Blogger. I have used Blogger, too, since I first began publishing this blog almost two years ago, and while it's free and easy to use, its instability has long been an issue. I'm thinking about moving elsewhere. This is a good reason why.)