Monday, October 23, 2006

Idealawg: blog explores the artistry in conflict resolution and the law

Idealawg uncovers artistry in the lawThe Internet is a place of continuous discovery. At once marketplace, library, and public square, its wealth of voices, viewpoints, and ideas never ceases to delight and enlighten me.

Although the pleasures of new discoveries are great, there are places on the web that I find myself returning to often, just as any of us do in the real world we inhabit. One of these for me is the blog Idealawg, published by Stephanie West Allen. With an original voice, this blog explores and reveals the art within the practice of law. It skillfully traverses ground as well that mediators will feel at home in--idea productivity, restorative justice, conflict resolution, client relations, and, of course, mediation.

This fall Stephanie introduced a new feature, Legal Highlights--interviews with members of the legal profession aimed at putting the focus on what's right and what's working with the legal profession and justice. As Stephanie explains:

One of my goals with Legal Highlights is to balance out, perhaps round out, all that we read and hear about what's wrong with the legal profession and system. With the Highlights, let's focus on the uplifting, the affirmative, the effective, the professional, the gratified, the decent, the good.
Stephanie honored me recently by inviting me to participate in a Legal Highlights interview--the fourth one in this series. You can read it here.

(Thank you, Stephanie--and congratulations on creating such a fine resource for dispute resolution professionals.)