Friday, October 06, 2006

Keeping count: the World Directory of ADR Blogs gets four new additions

Keeping count of ADR blogsI've been tracking alternative dispute resolution blogs since June 2005, when I conducted my first informal and utterly unscientific survey. It was followed a few days later by a more carefully conducted census, which turned up a mere 18 ADR blogs in various stages of activity or neglect.

Flash forward to October 2006. Today there are enough ADR blogs for me to track and catalogue them in their very own World Directory of ADR Blogs. The head count now stands at 65 (if my addition is correct), comprising bloggers from 11 countries.

Four more were added just today from different parts of the world: Canada, Brazil, Germany, and the U.S. I'd like to introduce them to you:

Brazilian Arbitration Law. Published by Brazilian attorney Pedro Oliveira, this blog's purpose is twofold: to discuss topics related to Brazilian and international arbitration in general; and to share information of interest for foreign practitioners on Brazilian arbitration law, in the English language.

Master of Mediation. This German language blog focuses on mediation and alternative approaches to managing conflict. From its description: "Streiflichter zur Mediation als alternatives Konfliktlösungsmodell im Allgemeinen, zur Ausbildung im Besonderen und weitere Nebensächlichkeiten".

Open Discourse: International Dispute Resolution. Created by Erin E. Gleason, an attorney and specialist in conflict resolution with an emphasis on international policy and procedure, this blog provides, in Erin's words, "a discussion forum for those of us who are interested in international dispute resolution, but who may not have the gray hair to prove it. My intent is to provide information on conferences and organizations which may assist younger practitioners in developing an international dispute resolution practice. I'll also provide my own, humble insights on current developments in this area and welcome comments from others."

Workplaces That Work. This blog, published by Canadian mediator and arbitrator Blaine Donais, a conflict resolution specialist, is dedicated to making workplaces work. It is based upon the theory that workplace conflict management systems can be measured for fairness and that fairness excellence can be achieved. Blaine is also the author of the newly published Workplaces That Work: A Guide to Conflict Management Systems in Union and Non-Union Workplaces, which looks to be an invaluable resource for ADR professionals specializing in workplace conflict.

I've also added a new page to the World Directory of ADR Blogs to highlight the Directory's latest additions and to give them the special attention they deserve.

If you wish to add your blog or someone else's to the World Directory of ADR Blogs, please let me know. It's a commercial-free site, and there is no cost to be listed. The Directory has information on submitting your blog and submission guidelines.

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