Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mediators release statement urging effective negotiation and conflict resolution now to address global crises

Mediators demand negotiation now from world leadersA recent press release from Jim Melamed at reminds me of the words from the 1969 Who classic: "We're Not Gonna Take It".

It's mediators who aren't taking it any more, and what they're not taking is the failure on the part of world leaders to engage in effective negotiations to defuse once and for all the crises breaking out around the globe.

From the press release:

Senior Mediators Release Statement Urging Effective Negotiation Approaches

There comes a time when even mediators will speak up. Mediators are conflict resolvers who help others to resolve conflict in a voluntary and constructive way. Mediators are normally quiet, priding themselves on their impartiality and neutrality. Now, however, over 75 of the world's leading mediators have "had enough" according to CEO Jim Melamed, and have signed a statement urging that community, national and global leaders engage effective negotiation and mediation approaches. Here is the text of the Mediators' Statement developed at the recent Senior Mediators Conference in Keystone, Colorado:

Given that the world is confronted with real and perceived threats from several international arenas we, the undersigned, urge that citizens of our nations insist their elected and appointed government officials immediately engage in honest, direct and unconditional negotiations with all authorities and powers who can resolve these pending crises in ways that are equitable and practical for all concerned without sacrifice to national sovereignty or security. As citizens of the world and as professional negotiators and mediators we urge that proven conflict resolution processes be employed now.

To show your support , visit the web site for the International Coalition of Concerned Mediators at

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