Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Workplace blogs provide up-to-date news, insights for ADR professionals

Workplace blogsThis Friday, I'm co-teaching with colleagues Melinda Gehris and Ericka Gray a one-day advanced training on "Mediating Workplace Disputes". (We’re booked solid with a lengthy waiting list, but we’ll be holding the program again on April 27, 2007 -- registration details to be announced as soon as we put the finishing touches on our 2007 mediation training calendar.)

The three of us have developed a training manual for the program, which contains a list of online resources for ADR workplace professionals which I compiled. Not surprisingly, this list includes the titles of a number of superb blogs that focus on workplace issues from a variety of vantage points. They're well worth a visit.

In no particular order they are:

BostonWorks Hiring Hub: The HR Blog. This blog provides frequently updated links to human resources and recruiting information around the web.

George's Employment Blawg. Written by attorney George Lenard, this highly respected blog posts news, analysis and comments on labor and employment law, human resources, and other work-related topics.

Gruntled Employees. From this blog's home page: "Managers, executives, in-house counsel, and HR people know all about disgruntled employees. They cost employers billions of dollars each year in lawsuits, attorneys' fees, lost productivity, and wasted time. Here we discuss how to keep employees gruntled. Employer advocate and counsel Jay Shepherd leads the discussion."

The HR Lawyer's Blog. The title says it all.

Law Firm Diversity: A Rational Discussion. Created to promote discussion about the business case for diversity.

Ross's Arbitration Blog. A good source of news on all things related to arbitration, including employment and labor developments, published by the knowledgeable Ross Runkel.

Strategic HR Lawyer. Covering strategic human resource management and employment law.

Suits in the Workplace: An Employment Law Blog.

Thoughts from a Management Lawyer. Known for its thoughtful discussion and commentary on Canadian labour and employment law issues, this blog is published by Toronto attorney Michael Fitzgibbon.

Transgender Workplace Diversity. This blog covers transgender workplace diversity issues for human resources and diversity professionals.

Workplace Prof Blog. A member of the Law Professor Blogs Network and co-authored by law professors Richard Bales and Paul Secunda, this blog tracks and reports on developments in labor and employment law, including matters relating to alternative dispute resolution and the workplace, particularly arbitration.

Workplace Fairness. This blog covers the latest developments in workplace rights and employment law, with a special focus on employee rights and fairness issues in the workplace.

Workplaces That Work. A newcomer to the blogging scene, this blog focuses its attention on workplace fairness and excellence--the qualities that make workplaces work well.