Wednesday, October 25, 2006

World's first mediation video blog launches

World's first mediation video blog launchesThere's a little mediation history in the making going on right now in cyberspace.

My friend Geoff Sharp, the Wellington, New Zealand, attorney and mediator who publishes the witty and irreverent weblog Mediator Blah…Blah…, has launched the world's very first mediation video blog, the Mediation vBlog Project.

Geoff has extended an open invitation to mediators around the world to participate in this first-of-its-kind forum:

I started on this project because I have always been a little uneasy about the way we mediators work behind closed doors, without much sunlight in the room …so time to change that with the video blog project.

My hope is that we’re going to be the first, the very first, to track our practice by video blog - a kind of mediation genome project by video blog.

The idea is to take advantage of recent video sharing technology to post short video clips of mediators everywhere at work, the more live the better. The growth of video social networking is amazing with 60,000 new videos uploaded every day and over 100 million viewed every day, as more people explore this type of online medium.

So the aim is ambitious. The object of the vBlog Project is to provide a platform for mediators from all over the world to share our images by video. It may take some getting used to but think of the possibilities for exchange when you see colleagues in Germany, UK and Boston debriefing a mediation or giving us a glimpse of themselves as they go about their professional life. One things for sure, unless you contribute the project won’t take off, so how about giving it a go?
Geoff asked me to record the first video clip to welcome him and, of course, you. You can see for yourself at the Mediation vBlog Project.

(And don't forget the popcorn.)