Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mastering Mediation: In new blog, Woodbury College mediators reflect on learning, teaching & training

Mastering MediationLately each addition to the World Directory of Alternative Dispute Resolution Blogs has broken new ground. Case in point: the latest blog to be catalogued, Mastering Mediation: Mediators reflect on learning, teaching & training.

This blog is a joint undertaking by the students and faculty of the Woodbury College masters program in Mediation and Applied Conflict. Mastering Mediation is a public conversation about how we learn to become effective mediators. Edited by Tammy Lenski, a professor at Woodbury and an accomplished blogger in her own right, this blog was created in the spirit of mutual inquiry and exploration that characterizes mediation itself, as the "About" page makes so clear:

We've been teaching and learning mediation at Woodbury for more than two decades and have a thought or two about our craft…we hope our musings, reflections and the occasional challenges will make Mastering Mediation a place you want to visit regularly, whether you're a seasoned practitioner, an ADR trainer, a new professional, or someone considering a move into ADR work. And we hope you’ll leave comments on our articles so that we can build dialogue together about the preparation of professionals in our field.
Congratulations to all of those whose voices are contributing to this new mediation blog.

(And remember, if you wish to add your blog or someone else's to the World Directory of ADR Blogs, please let me know. It's a commercial-free site, and there is no cost to be listed. The Directory has information on submitting your blog and submission guidelines.)

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