Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mediation road trip: this week's recommended stops on the blogosphere

Mediation blog road tripThere are so many sights (or is that sites?) worth seeing on the information highway. It's hard to find them all, let alone have time to explore them in depth. To save you some time and mileage, here are some recommended destinations this week for conflict resolution professionals:

Stephanie West Allen continues her Legal Highlights series at her blog Idealawg with an interview with the influential Kenneth Cloke, a pioneer and leader in the alternative dispute resolution field.

Erin Gleason at Open Discourse: International Dispute Resolution gets in the last word in the spot-on post "Cross-Cultural Negotiation: The Neutral's Responsibility".

Josh Weiss interviews David Lax, author of: 3-d Negotiation: Powerful Tools to Change the Game in Your Most Important Deals, in this week's edition of Negotiating Tip of the Week.

Victoria Pynchon ponders the extent to which we're hard-wired for collaboration in "Unhappy Lawyers and the Cooperative Hard Wire" at the Settle It Now Negotiation Blog.

Ross Runkel at his Arbitration Blog asks an important question: "Arbitration – Is Justice Served?"

Geoff Sharp at Mediator Blah...Blah... presents a three-part series on BS detection, here, here, and here. Bring your shovel and hip boots.

Diversity Advantage invites thought on leveraging diversity in a brainstorming session.

Language Log looks at pseudoscience, journalism, and people's propensity to seek out urban legends which confirm their prejudices, and also takes a poke at doublespeak in the "war on terror".

Any mediator who'd like to get in on the blogging fun would do well to read Tammy Lenski's latest post on "Choosing a Name for Your ADR Blog".

Finally, happy belated birthday and wedding anniversary to Mediation Mensch Dina Lynch!