Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mediator and blogger Tammy Lenski celebrates 4 years of blogging

Tammy Lenski celebrates 4 years of bloggingOne of my friends, who does a great deal of public speaking, likes to ask his audience whether anyone is celebrating a birthday that day. Often in a large group two people will discover that they share a birthday. (The statistical likelihood of two people in a large group sharing a birthday is fairly high, surprisingly enough.) It's a fun way to break the ice.

Speaking of birthdays, mediator, educator, and blogger Tammy Lenski is celebrating one herself. Two in fact: ten years in the dispute resolution field, and four years blogging about it.

Tammy has declared November "Birthday Month" and will be marking the occasion by publishing a retrospective of her most memorable posts.

Many happy returns, Tammy!