Monday, December 11, 2006

Building Buzz with Blogs: Internet Marketing for Dispute Resolution Professionals (Even If You’re Not a Geek!)

Building Buzz with Blogs with Tammy Lenski and Diane LevinIt's that time of year...the time to look ahead, consider the possibilities a new year brings, and decide what will make a big difference to your business and your practice. It's easy, of course, to make resolutions---it's keeping them that can be the hard part!

One resolution you can both make and keep is to learn more about the power of the blog. One of the most powerful online tools, blogs can help you promote your business, build your network and boost your web presence. Best of all, they do so at little or even no cost and require no special technical skill or knowledge.

As more and more ADR professionals are discovering, blogs are an ideal online tool for both business marketing and for social interaction, producing conversation, community, and contact with prospective clients and referral sources.

My good friend Tammy Lenski, one of the blogosphere's most respected ADR bloggers, and I are collaborating on a new program to benefit you, our dispute resolution colleagues. Launching in January 2006, this professional teleseminar program will give blogging newcomers a primer in blogging basics and prepare you to leverage blogging strategies to build your business. Based on what Tammy and I have learned in mentoring numerous other bloggers, we have designed a program with your needs in mind.

"Building Buzz with Blogs: Internet Marketing for Dispute Resolution Professionals (Even If You’re Not a Geek!)" will be held on four consecutive Mondays in January 2007, from 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. ET. Click here to register.

Each session focuses on a key topic to prepare you for blogging success. You’ll have a chance to learn all about:
  • Session 1: Build Your Brand with an ADR Blog, January 8

  • Session 2: Choose Your ADR Blogging Platform, January 15

  • Session 3: Jumpstart Your ADR Blog, January 22

  • Session 4: Write a Topnotch ADR Blog, January 29
To participate, all you need is a telephone. With registration, you'll receive the dial-in information for the call(s), an audio recording of the teleseminar for your future reference, and supporting handouts with resources we recommend to make your blogging experience effective and successful. You may register for the 4-session series (your most cost effective option) or choose from among the teleseminars.

Tammy publishes the critically acclaimed blog, "Mediator Tech", and is the founder and editor of a new collaborative blogging project, "Mastering Mediation." I publish this blog, "Online Guide to Mediation" and am the founder and webmaster of the world's first Directory of Alternative Dispute Resolution Blogs, which tracks and catalogues over 90 blogs from 15 countries.

Click here to register.