Monday, December 11, 2006

Four German ADR blogs added to the World Directory

World Directory of ADR Blogs lists 5 German bloggersThe World Directory of ADR Blogs has added four German language blogs to its catalogue. They are:

ADR-Blog. Published by mediator and attorney Marcus Brinkmann, ADR-Blog explores the themes of mediation, conflict management, and negotiation, providing readers with informative reflections on alternative dispute resolution issues and practice. It also contains a Listing of ADR Blogs created to track and draw attention to the ever-increasing numbers of German language blogs devoted to mediation and ADR.

DiaBlog. The imaginatively titled DiaBlog, published by Dr. Joachim Simen, provides up-to-date information, reflection, and commentary on mediation and dialogue.

Institute Sikor Blog. This blog offers readers information, news, and discussion regarding mediation, collaborative processes, nonviolent communication, and social change. Its guiding principle is straightforward: "Our vision is a world in which the needs of all humans count!" Published by trainers and mediators Marianne and Markus Sikor.

Konfliktblog. Through regularly published articles, it seeks to build understanding of and appreciation for mediation by exploring its chief themes of conflict and its resolution. Written by trainer and mediator Kirstin Nickelsen.

I'd like to acknowledge mediator and attorney Christoph Stroyer, who publishes the German language blog Master of Mediation, who was kind enough to alert me to the existence of DiaBlog, and also Marcus Brinkmann whose link to the Directory of ADR Blogs drew my attention to ADR-Blog, his Listing of ADR Blogs, and thence to the two other German blogs.

My deepest appreciation to these fellow travelers in the ADR blogosphere. Vielen dank!