Friday, January 12, 2007

Online Guide to Mediation celebrates two years of blogging

Online Guide to Mediation celebrates two yearsThis month I'm marking several milestones:

I began 2007 with 450 blog posts under my belt.

Last Friday I celebrated a birthday.

And today marks my second anniversary as a blogger.

Apart from being a good excuse to throw yourself a party, milestones traditionally serve as occasion for looking back and looking ahead.

In looking back over two years of blogging, I'm struck by one thing: how many amazing people I’ve met (and I mean "met" in both the real-world and digital senses of the word) because of it.

You know who you are. Thanks to every one of you--readers, fellow bloggers, friends, colleagues, who found your way to me, either through this blog or the World Directory of ADR Blogs project.

Although I hesitate to do this, since I hate the thought that I might overlook someone, there are folks I'd like to thank by name.

I'll start with the folks that I actually know in the real world and have had the pleasure to work with: Tammy Lenski, Dina Lynch, Colin Rule, and Bob Ambrogi. When Geoff Sharp was here in Boston for a conference last April, I got to meet him, too, and his wife Susan over a memorable dinner (great food, excellent wine, and non-stop laughing). When I was in England in December, Justin Patten warmly welcomed me and my husband to London, where we joined him for a tour of the Law Society, the regulatory and representative body for solicitors in England and Wales. We asked questions about each other's legal systems and talked shop about ADR over lunch at Leith's, the Law Society's restaurant and bar.

Thanks to all of them for being such good friends.

I owe special acknowledgment to the friends I have not yet met in person--to folks like Stephanie West Allen, Victoria Pynchon, David Giacalone, George Lenard, Christoph Stroyer, Perry Itkin, Bill Warters, Lisiane Lindenmeyer Kalil, and of course the inimitable Dan Hull.

My gratitude as well to Monica Bay, Ian Best, Blawg Review's anonymous editor, Michael Fitzgibbon, Diana Skaggs, and Ethan Katsh, as well as to the bloggers at the National Arbitration Forum, Joel Schoenmeyer, Tim Stanley, Josh Weiss, and Robert Williamson.

Bloggers of course need to keep it real by hanging out with people who don't blog. I need to thank folks like that, too, for their support with this blog as well as with the World Directory of ADR Blogs. In no particular order, they include: Moshe Cohen, Ericka Gray, Steve Hicks, Tim Linnehan, Roni Lipton, John Levin, Bill Logue, Melinda Gehris, Ashok Panikkar, and J.J. Johnston and the National Institute for Advanced Conflict Resolution.

If I accidentally left you off the list, let me know, and I'll be sure to add you. Don't be shy. I want to give credit where credit is due.