Thursday, February 15, 2007

Conflict resolution research blog latest addition to World Directory of ADR Blogs

library booksThe most recent addition to the World Directory of ADR Blogs project is CResearch, the directory's first blog devoted to conflict resolution research, news, and commentary.

Published by John Windmueller, Assistant Professor at the University of Baltimore's Center for Negotiations and Conflict Management, CResearch was created to further discussions and information sharing between conflict resolution researchers and practitioners.

As John explains, "[W]here possible I'd like to see the division between practice and research blurred, with practitioners becoming more empowered and able to integrate research into their everyday work. Toward that, the site will share techniques, tools, and tips for practitioners interested in following their curiosity and bringing more rigorous evaluation and learning into their practice."

I invite you to join me in welcoming John to the ADR blogosphere.

I'm always on the lookout for blogs to add to the World Directory of ADR Blogs' growing catalogue. If you wish to add your blog or someone else's to the Directory, please let me know. It's a commercial-free site, and there is no cost to be listed. The Directory has information on submitting your blog and submission guidelines.