Sunday, March 18, 2007

Marking a milestone: Blawg Review #100

Blawg Review #100Monday came early this week.

Blawg Review, the weekly review of the best in law blogging published each Monday by a different legal blogger, appears a day ahead of schedule in honor of its milestone 100th edition.

This week its anonymous editor, Ed., serves as host with a retrospective of 99 editions of Blawg Review.

Blawg Review is remarkable for many reasons. Not only does it offer links to bleeding edge news and ideas in the legal field--something it consistently achieves week after week under the guidance of a dedicated editor with the support of equally dedicated volunteers--but it also provides readers with a new and unique perspective on the law, refracted through the lens of each week's host. It also provides a way for bloggers to participate in and contribute to the legal community online. It thrives on the spirit of egalitarianism--legal luminaries and ordinary mortals mingle. Status matters little; quality of conversation counts. And readers of Blawg Review benefit from the wide range of voices and viewpoints.

Be sure to visit Blawg Review #100 to experience it for yourself.

(And don't forget that Diana Skaggs of Divorce Law Journal hosts Blawg Review #101 next week. I'm really looking forward to her presentation--knowing the quality of Diana's writing, it should be a good one.)