Friday, March 16, 2007

Six new additions to the World Directory of ADR Blogs

World Directory of ADR Blogs has 6 new additionsThe World Directory of Alternative Dispute Resolution Blogs nears the 100 mark as six new additions this week bring the catalogue's total to 98. These six are:

From the U.S.:

Collaborative Divorce Newsblog. This blog's motto is "Helping people make respectful, civilized, values-based transitions from couple to single". With a focus on collaborative law, it is published by Pauline Tesler, a California-based collaborative family lawyer, trainer, speaker, and writer, who also serves as consultant to collaborative divorce professionals and practice groups worldwide. A blog that provides news and commentary from a pacifist perspective.

PCR Project Blog - Prevention Conflict Analysis Reconstruction. According to the web site, "[t]he Post-Conflict Reconstruction (PCR) Project develops innovative strategies to speed, enhance, and strengthen international conflict response. Now in its seventh year, the PCR Project is seen as a leading global source for authoritative analysis, evaluation, and recommendations for fragile states and post-conflict reconstruction. The blog provides an interactive, online environment for the exchange of views and opinions on featured opinion pieces, readings, new digests, reports, and more."

From Sri Lanka:

InfoShare Research Unit. This blog shares research on peacebuilding, conflict transformation and everything related. According to the bloggers, "we understand both peacebuilding and conflict transformation as fields of study and practice that are extremely broad and cover a wide range of issues. Through this blog, we aim to bring to the attention of readers engaging resources and content, ranging from websites and multimedia to books and monographs, that will be useful in nourishing peace research in general and the peace process in Sri Lanka in particular."

From the U.K.:

Eldis Conflict and Security Blog. This blog seeks to stimulate debate on all areas of conflict and development. Eldis is one of a family of knowledge services from the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex.

From Estonia:

A Postcard for World Peace. According to its creator, "this blog is the result of a dream I had one January night. The idea is simple: Send us a postcard from your country/city (or any postcard you want) writing in the backside a message of peace to the World. All the postcards will be uploaded in the blog, and there will be a record of how many postcards per country we receive (including a map showing the coverage)."

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New additions to the World Directory of ADR Blogs' growing catalogue are always welcome. If you wish to add your blog or someone else's to the Directory, please let me know. It's a commercial-free site, and there is no cost to be listed. The Directory has information on submitting your blog and submission guidelines.

(With thanks to Bill Warters and Sanjana Hattotuwo.)