Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Idealawg, celebrating the art and life in law, turns one

Idealawg turns oneIdealawg, published by Renaissance soul Stephanie West Allen and celebrating a year of blogging, brings fresh revelations and insights into the practice of law. Through her writing, Stephanie reveals its artistry and celebrates all that is good and noble in it.

I had this to say about this remarkable blog last October, and I repeat it now to convey to you the alchemy that Stephanie works through her writing:
The Internet is a place of continuous discovery. At once marketplace, library, and public square, its wealth of voices, viewpoints, and ideas never ceases to delight and enlighten me.

Although the pleasures of new discoveries are great, there are places on the web that I find myself returning to often, just as any of us do in the real world we inhabit. One of these for me is the blog
Idealawg, published by Stephanie West Allen. With an original voice, this blog explores and reveals the art within the practice of law. It skillfully traverses ground as well that mediators will feel at home in--idea productivity, restorative justice, conflict resolution, client relations, and, of course, mediation.
Congratulations, Stephanie. I am fortunate to count on you as friend.