Wednesday, April 04, 2007

World Directory of ADR Blogs adds its first Belgian mediation blog

First Belgian mediation blog!Important correction! Online Guide to Mediation and the World Directory of ADR Blogs nearly caused an international incident! I had originally reported that the World Directory had added its first French blog. In fact, it is it's first Belgian blog. Mon dieu! Une erreur très embarrassante! Fortunately the blogger, mediator Dominique Foucart, charmingly and most graciously pointed out this regretful faux pas. I appreciate his understanding and hasten to correct my error here.

It's exciting in any event to announce now not just one but two firsts for the Directory: its first French language blog and its first Belgian blog. Even better! Merci beaucoup, Dominique!

I am delighted to announce that the World Directory of Alternative Dispute Resolution Blogs, my ongoing global blog project, has added its first Belgian blog.

Le journal d'un démarieur is published by Dominique Foucart, a mediator in family, civil, and commercial disputes. The goal of this blog, whose tag line is "Divorcer n'est jamais simple… la médiation peut vous aider," is to share experiences in and reflections on family mediation practice, as well as to spread awareness of the benefits of mediation as a meaningful alternative to court.

Bienvenue to the ADR blogosphere to Dominique.

If you wish to add your blog or someone else's to the World Directory of ADR Blogs, please let me know. It's a commercial-free site, and there is no cost to be listed. I am especially interested in leads on ADR blogs outside the U.S. and Canada. If you know of any, I hope you'll get in touch. The Directory has information on submitting your blog and submission guidelines.

Many thanks to to my friend Christoph Stroyer, a mediator, attorney, and blogger in Germany, for letting me know about this new blog.