Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Divinely inspired Blawg Review #137

Blawg Review #137 inspired by the poet DanteThis week's Blawg Review, the weekly review of the best in legal blogging, is hosted by Colin Samuels at Infamy or Praise. Blawg Review #137 draws poetic inspiration from The Divine Comedy's third cantica, Paradiso.

This edition of Blawg Review is Colin's third. Each time the works of the immortal Dante have served as Colin's muse, resulting in an Inferno-inspired Blawg Review #35 and a Purgatorio-themed Blawg Review #86.

Congratulations, by the way, to Blawg Review for earning its rightful place among the American Bar Association's list of top 100 law blogs. Blawg Review stands apart for its ability to present unique voices in the legal community.

Consider, for example, these two recent hosts of Blawg Review:

Peter Black's Freedom to Differ, providing an Australian perspective on legal and policy issues concerning the media and internet

Dr. Jillian Todd Weiss at Transgender Workplace Diversity, covering law, politics, and policy affecting gender identity

Each weekly host presents a refreshingly different perspective on the law and legal issues -- the issues that affect all of us, whether we practice or study law, or simply care about it. And if you love both law and literature, don't miss Blawg Review #137.