Saturday, December 29, 2007

New additions, New Year's updates for World Directory of ADR Blogs

World Directory of ADR BlogsChange is good.

And change is coming to the World Directory of ADR Blogs, my online project tracking and cataloging blogs worldwide on mediation, negotiation, ADR, conflict resolution, negotiation, and people-focused innovations in the law.

Beginning on the first of the year, the World Directory of ADR Blogs will itself become a blog, with its own RSS feed so that visitors can subscribe easily for news and updates. This will make it easier for me to maintain and update the site as well. The site may be inaccessible during the conversion, which will be complete by January 1.

In the meantime, please check out the World Directory's latest acquisitions:

The Conflict Resolution Toolbox
Cool tools and fun sundries from professional mediator and conflict resolution coach Tammy Lenski.

A Mediator's Calling
An informal exploration of the process of becoming a mediator, consisting of one individual's reflections on a variety of topics pertaining to the art of mediation, with some practical advice. Published by Toronto mediator Ken Bole.

Singapore Law Blog
This blawg provides its readers with news, comments and insight on legal matters in Singapore, including arbitration and dispute resolution.

Chinese Negotiation - Negotiating in China
Chinese Negotiation is a tool to assist international investors and managers enter the China market. Published by Andrew Hupert, a consultant based in Shanghai who has been working with the Greater China market since 1991. He specializes in helping new China entrants with sales management, marketing and negotiation.

Communication and Conflict Blog
The Communication and Conflict Blog discusses insights from the practice of mediation, including principles for effective communication based on the underlying philosophies of mediation. Author Alan Sharland shares observations and updates on communication and conflict in daily life.